Fifth Annual PhD forum “Technocratic Law and Governance”

Where: West-Indisch Huis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When: 30 November 2017

The Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance (NILG) is offering doctoral candidates an exceptional opportunity to exchange ideas and present their research at an international and interdisciplinary forum.

Conference theme

Globalization, functional differentiation, and privatization have given rise to a technocratic turn in law and governance. Technocratic governance is increasingly post- or a-political. In fact, a consensus has emerged necessitating technocratic governance mechanisms against this backdrop of globalisation and technological innovation. This process is exemplified by the increased reliance on Standardization, Certification, Accreditation & Normalization (SCAN). The strengths of these modes of governance lie primarily in their effectiveness, efficiency, and claims to universal applicability. Its weaknesses in the challenge they pose to standard conceptions of substantive legitimacy and justice. The PhD Forum seeks to address the fundamentals of this technocratic turn and invites contributions on topics such as:

– The Technocratic Turn and Globalisation
– Technocratic Governance, Input-Legitimacy, and Democracy
– Hollowing out of the State
– Legal Theory of New Modes of Governance
– Conception of Legitimacy
– Privatisation and Private Standards
– Ethical Standards
– SCAN, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

The technocratic turn changes the regulatory practices and means available to public and private actors. Simultaneously it poses fundamental challenges to their legitimacy and normative justification. Therefore, a pluriform and interdisciplinary approach is necessary. We particularly invite contributions seeking to bridge disciplines and combine empirical and theoretical perspectives. Contributions that incorporate approaches from legal and political theory, philosophy, and history are especially welcomed. The overarching questions that we want to raise concerns the legitimacy of technocratic governance from both theoretical and empirical perspectives: Can technocratic governance be democratic? Are the norms established through technocratic governance legitimate? Do the outcomes of law and governance trump their normative justification? How is SCAN justified in different functional fields? What role do ethical standards and fair trade initiatives play? And ultimately, does technocratic governance even require special justification?

Participants are invited to submit abstracts from various perspectives including law, sociology, political science, international relations, economics and philosophy.

Details of the conference

The NILG 2017 PhD Forum is an annual international conference organized by and for PhD candidates, and will take place on 30 November 2017 in the historic centre of Amsterdam at the West- Indisch Huis. The PhD Forum offers an inspiring environment to discuss research with peers. It is organised alongside the annual NILG general conference, which takes place on 1 December 2017 at the same location. The general conference is convened around the same theme as the PhD Forum, and welcomes internationally renowned scholars to present their research. PhD Forum participants are

encouraged to attend the general NILG conference as well.

Submissions and deadlines

Doctoral candidates are invited to submit an abstract (in English) of up to 500 words and their CV to j.l.j.hazenberg@rug.nl before 11 September, 2017. Applicants will be informed by the end of

September. Speakers will be asked to submit papers on 20 November 2017.