Programme Colloquium on Rethinking Public Interest in Expropriation Law

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Abstracts and information about the speakers can be found here.


Confirmed speakers are:

Prof Jaap Zevenbergen and Prof Hendrik Ploeger

University of Twente and Delft University of Technology

Prof Rachael Walsh

Trinity College, Dublin

Dr Emma Waring

University of York

Dr Sabrina Praduroux

University of Turin

Prof Hanri Mostert

Prof A.J. van der Walt

University of Cape Town

Stellenbosch University

Prof David Lametti

McGill University

Prof Eduardo Peñalver

University of Chicago Law School

Prof Leon Verstappen

University of Groningen

Mr Björn Hoops, LL.M.

University of Groningen

Prof Brendan Edgeworth

University of New South Wales

Dr Ernst Marais

University of Cape Town

Prof John Lovett

Loyola University of New Orleans Law School

Prof Magdalena Habdas

University of Silesia

Prof Hanoch Dagan

Tel Aviv University

Dr Elmien du Plessis

University of Johannesburg

Prof Lee Godden

University of Melbourne Law School

Prof Heinz Klug

University of Wisconsin Law School

Prof Michael Heller

Columbia Law School

Prof Jacques Sluysmans

Radboud University of Nijmegen

Dr Bradley Slade

University of Johannesburg

The generous financial support of the following institutions is gratefully acknowledged:

–         Groningen Centre for Law and Governance

–         University of Cape Town, Programme for the Enhancement of Research Capacity

–         Ford Foundation

–         South African Research Chair in Property Law, Stellenbosch University

–         National Research Foundation, South Africa

–         Juta Law Publishers