The NILG book series

The Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance (NILG) has its own book series at Boom Juridische uitgevers. In this series, books on governance and law will be published. The series consists of a general series and four thematic series (as the series is in Dutch, the Dutch names are provided, with an English translation between brackets):

1. Governance & Recht (Governance & Law)
2. Vastgoed, Omgeving & Recht (Property, Environment & Law)
3. Markt, Overheid & Recht (Market, Government & Law)
4. Familie & Recht (Family & Law)
5. Openbare Orde, Veiligheid & Recht (Public Order, Safety & Law)

Authors who wish to submit their PhD-thesis, monographs or other books for publication in one of the series are invited to contact the editors. Examples of books that have appeared in the series can be found on the website of Boom.

Do you have any questions about the NILG series? Contact Richard Neerhof or Leon Verstappen.