Abstracts 6th Annual NILG Conference 2014

Prof. Gregory Alexander

The Public Use Requirement and the Character of Consequentialist Reasoning

Dr. Nazand Begikhani

Honour Crimes between National, Regional and Informal Laws: The Case of Iraqi Kurdistan

Prof. Katharina Boele-Woelki

Combined Comparative Research in the Field of Family Relations: Some Reflections from the Legal Perspective

Prof. Gert Brüggemeier

State Liability, Fundamental Rights and EU-Law

Prof. Michael Bohlander

Sisters in Law – Using Maqāṣid al-Shari‘ah to Advance the Conversation between Islamic and Secular Legal Thinking

Prof. Colombi Ciacchi

Comparative Law in the Age of Governance II

Prof. Sjef van Erp

Comparative Law in the Age of Governance I

Dr. Nuno Ferreira

Fundamental Rights and the Liability of Children

Dr. Carola Glinski

„Regulatory Expropriation“, International Investment Law and Democratic Governance

Prof. Christine Godt

Liability Rules in No-One’s’ Land

Mr. Björn Hoops, LL.M.

The Procedural Definition of the Public Good Requirement in Expropriation Law

Dr. Dorota Leczykiewicz

Comparative Judicial Governance and Contractual Liability in EU Law

Prof. Hanri Mostert

Natural Resources, National Assets and Pre-existing Proprietary Positions

Dr. Patrick O’Callaghan

Privacy and Liability Law: The Right to be Forgotten

Prof. Murat Önok

The Effectiveness of Adopting Strict Rules on the Admissibility of Evidence at Criminal Trials – A Turkish Perspective

Prof. Salvatore Patti

Criminal and Civil Law against Intra-Family Violence

Prof. Peter Rott

Liability of Certification Agencies as Necessary Compensation for the Privatization of Product Safety Law – The PIP Case in French and German Courts

Prof. Harm Schepel

Good Samaritans: Tort Liability in the Regulation of Private Governance

Prof. Wolfgang Schomburg

Legal Certainty, Legal Diversity in International and European Criminal Law

Ms. Nicole Siller, JD

The Prosecution of Human Traffickers: A Comparative Analysis Among International Courts and Tribunals

Prof. Jacques Sluysmans

Expropriation and Good Governance

Prof. Leon Verstappen

Introduction to Expropriation Law and Governance

Prof. Richard Vogler

Democracy and Criminal Process in Europe

Prof. Liling Yue

Sentencing Policy and Death Penalty in China